Feng Shui for the Home

When you effectively apply and use Feng Shui in your home, you should immediately feel a profound difference in the way you feel. The “Art of Feng Shui” is a method of using available (chi) or energy to connect your personal energy to that of your immediate environment.

Feng Shui is the conscience participation in a natural process that has been around for centuries, perhaps millennia. Feng Shui translated means wind and water, and when these two forces meet, energy is released. When you are aligned with the energies of your environment, you are more likely to attract more prosperity and success into your life. You may find that your relationships are more harmonious, and your family life is calmer. You also might notice that your stress level lowers and you gain more energy!

Here is some useful information to get you started in achieving a happier, healthier home.

Clear clutter from your front entry and especially your front door. Clutter in these areas prevents the flow of good healthy chi flowing into your home. Have fresh flowing water near your front entry. Moving water creates a flow of good energy. Place flowers near your entry, either fresh ones, or man mode. (Never dried)!

If you have a TV in your bedroom, put it in a cabinet where you can conceal it and not have it ‘staring’ at you during the night. Do not have any mirrors at the foot of the bed. Move your bed if the foot of the bed faces a doorway or the bathroom. Don’t sleep on a mattress on the floor. This prevents good chi from circulating around you during sleep.
Always sleep with a headboard connected to your bed so you will feel more grounded and not in limbo.

It’s best not to use bunk beds for children if possible. The child on the bottom feels ‘compressed’ and the child on top is ‘floating.’ Both children could manifest either health or learning issues. Never sleep under a beam. Your health or marriage could be affected. Keep the master bedroom for husband and wife only. Children should not have immediate access and should ask to come in! (Much better for marriage)