Feng Shui Fountains

Maybe you have already heard how popular fountains and numerous other water features are for enhancing your own feng shui. Because of the constant movement of the water, fountains can draw abundance and prosperity into your home or business. Whether you choose a fountain that resembles an art piece, or a simple tabletop fountain, with proper placement you will gain enormous benefits..Moving water gets the ‘chi’ (energy) moving, especially if it is placed either outside your front door or just inside your entryway. On a physical level, it will add humidity to an overly dry or stagnant  room.

A fountain placed in the Southeast corner of your home is a major enhancement that can lead to wealth and prosperity. A garden fountain outside this area would also be extremely helpful.

If you want to add a fountain outside your home, and you don’t have electrical outlets available, there are some lovely solar powered fountains at Serenity Health.

Adding a water feature (or a swimming pool) in the South area of your home is not a good idea, as this area resonates with the element of FIRE and too much water could adversely affect your business and reputation.

I would not recommend too much water placed in the center or the “tai chi” of the home. This area reflects the element of earth, and too much water can literally wash away the benefits of earth and adversely affect your health.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!