Feng Shui Decorating Tips

While decorating your home using Feng Shui as a guide, it is important to follow certain Feng Shui principles, which are: Yin and Yang, Directions, Colors, and The Five Elements.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang means a balance of the male and female energy, Yin (female) is dark and is considered to be associated with passiveness, femininity and softness. Yang (male) is light and it is associated with brightness, activity and masculinity. Together they form a symbol of harmony which creates a balance between the two. This balance assists in the flow of chi within the home. It is recommended to use a combination of light and dark colors in your color scheme and a selection of both hard and soft furniture.


Directions of where your doors, beds, stoves and staircases face is also taken into consideration. A bed should not be in direct line with the doorway either to the room or across from a bathroom. Placing a bed under a window or a large beam is not recommended. Staircases should not face the front door. and preferably not be located in the center of the home. Your back should not be facing the front door when you stand at your stove.


Colors should reflect, somewhat the areas of the BaGua that represents various life issues. For instance, the SE area of the home would do well with colors of purple, gold or green to power up your Wealth chi. The SW area would resonate with pink, red. or rose and bring added energy to relationships. Children’s rooms should not be painted in very dark colors. Lighter blues and greens are best.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements should be well represented in your home. They are: Water, Metal. Fire, Wood and Earth. The element of water can be utilized by placing fountains or aquariums in the proper place. Metal can easily be represented by placing photos in metal frames. Fire: candles. BBQ’s, fireplaces, etc. Wood can be powerfully represented with plants and trees, and earth; (clay pots, etc). Use your imagination and come up with new and creative ways of implementing The Five Elements!