Feng Shui and Doors

According to the principles of feng shui, doors represent the mouth of chi, (where energy enters one’s space). The rule is to try and attract the most positive energy through the front door in order to nourish and energize your entire space.

There are various tips one can use to increase the positive energy directed at the front door as seen below. When a wall is the first thing you see upon entering  your door, what will occur is a stoppage of energy into the heart of the home. Hanging a mirror to face you as you enter will allow the energy to ‘pass through’ without any obstacles. The front door should also be as close as possible to the living area as this will welcome visitors and support the lives of people living in that home.

More tips:

  • One can also use feng shui sprays at the front door or entrance for the purpose of neutralizing energy and inviting opportunity.
  • Use an attractive color to paint the front door. According to feng shui, red is best in attracting good chi. Green doors will support the health of the family.
  • Make sure that the lighting at the front door is bright enough so that opportunity can find it’s way in!.
  • If one has a doorbell, make sure that it is working and has a pleasant sound.
  • Try using the front door most of the time regardless of whether one is used to entering (for instance) from the garage.
  • If one wants to attract flourishing possibilities, then having live flowers or plants near the front door would be recommended. Remove any dead or dying flowers.
  • The front door should not ‘stick’ when opening, or you may suffer more obstacles in your life.
  • There should be plenty of space to accommodate the visitor’s hats, coats, umbrellas etc. This will make them feel more welcomed and at home.
  • The front door area should be clean and very attractive. No clutter!.

Before you enter into your home, take some time to stand at your front door. Try to “feel” your home standing at the entrance area. This is the feeling others will experience when they enter!