Feng Shui and Fish Tanks

The element of water used in Feng Shui is considered to be a major “remedy” in its ability to draw in prosperity if placed correctly in a home or workspace. The moving water creates CHI or energy and if you also add fish (the Chinese feng shui symbol of wealth) you have a winning combination!

A feng shui fish tank with 8 goldfish and one black fish can help in overcoming adversity. Koi in a fish tank is unsurpassed in adding an enormous amount of circulating wealth chi to your environment…

Feng Shui fish tanks will add a perfect sense of balance, incorporating the 5 very important natural elements within the tank.

  • WOOD, would be represented by the plants in the fish tank.
  • METAL, would be represented in either the frame or the inner workings of the tank.
  • FIRE element is accomplished by adding the strong red and gold colors of your fish.
  • EARTH is well represented by the stones and rocks at the bottom of the tank, and then, of course, you have the
  • WATER element that fills the tank!

The most suitable area to place your feng shui fish tank would be in the Career area of the bagua of your home, which is near the entrance to your home or north. Another excellent position would be the SE area or the Wealth position. You can also place one in the Family area to bring health and prosperity to you and your family (located in the east area).

It is very important to always keep your tank clean and clear! Discolored water creates stagnant chi, and that could adversely affect your health.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!