Feng Shui Living Room

Living rooms or Family rooms are generally the most public areas in the home, so it is important that the (chi) or energy is well balanced in these spaces to support the family in the best possible way.

A living room is considered more YANG in nature, so adding soft cushions and rounded furniture shapes well add a touch of YIN to the room. Also, fresh leafy green plants will help in balancing the energy of the space.

Your furniture should not overwhelm the room. Furniture piece’s that are too heavy for your room will decidedly interrupt the flow of Chi. You might feel uncomfortable in such a room. Choose pieces that fit with the room. In Feng Shui, more is not always better. Simplicity will allow the chi to flow freely. And never allow the room to become overly cluttered!

Placement of your furniture is also important. It is best to place your heaviest pieces against solid walls. When it is possible, try to arrange your sofa and chairs to form either an octagon or rounded shape to best see you. It creates a healthier balance of energy in the room.

Try not to arrange chairs face to face. A slight angle is recommended. Re-arrange your furniture so the pieces are not directly under heavy beams, especially if this is your main family room. Sitting or sleeping under beams can Cause feelings of oppression.

Utilizing these tips will help you and your family enjoy your time together, and create good Feng Shui