What is Feng Shui

Photo of StonesThe purpose of Feng Shui is to improve the quality of your life! Used correctly, Feng Shui will enable you to lead a richer, fuller and more productive life!

When your personal energy or (chi) is aligned with the energies of your environment, you are more likely to attract more success and prosperity into your life. You may also find that your relationships are happier, and your family life is calmer. You may notice that your stress level is reduced, and your health improves.

Just as fresh air and clean water nourish your bodies, so does healthy energy nourish your home and your life. When the flow of energy is blocked or weakened, finances, health, creativity, relationships and career opportunities can suffer. You may feel stuck, tired, depressed, un-motivated and have difficulty with moving forward in life.

Feng Shui translated means Wind and Water, and like wind and water, you and your environment are two forces of nature. Feng Shui is concerned with the flow and circulation of vital energy. Energy is the invisible force that animates all life, and just like an acupuncturist who adjusts the flow of energy in the body with needles and herbs, a Feng Shui expert can use a variety of colors, interior design, furniture placement, and adjustments called “cures” to redirect and nourish the flow of energy in homes and businesses---often with startling results.

So, the philosophy of Feng Shui is really quite simple. If you are able to harmonize your personal energy with the energy of your immediate environment, you will be in tune with the natural forces of nature, and you will experience the results in a healthier, happier  and more prosperous life. And since you spend more than 80% of your time indoors, where you live and work is extremely important in dictating the quality of your life.

So, for those of you who have been uncomfortable with the idea of  Feng Shui, please be assured that this beautiful process is neither, religion, magic, mysticism, or a fad! Based on quantum physics, we now have this ancient practice available, to assist us in living life to the fullest!

Good Feng Shui translates into a better life for you and your family!
Good Feng Shui maintains harmony and balance.

Good Feng Shui means a life that attracts a wealth of abundance and prosperity while minimizing struggle.

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