"I am stunned by the results of your Feng Shui work! Money was very tight, my husband had been out of work. Shortly after your work, amazingly, he got hired by a company who had not hired from the outside in 18 years, AND it is an INCREDIBLE opportunity! I had my biggest month in income to DATE this month, and after many unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, within a few weeks, I am pregnant! My husband doesn't know how it works, only that it does! Thank you, Elaine. You have truly changed our lives."

Nicole Scott
Farmers Insurance and Financial Services
Santa Clarita, CA

"Elaine is really The Wright Way! My relationship with my man has blossomed. Our children have found their own creativity and direction. We have been attracting much more wealth and abundance into our lives. The results of Elaine's work have been both outstanding and astounding!"

Janet Levine
FAB Living, LLC
Malibu, CA

"Elaine has done consulting for my family on two separate occasions and the difference that it made in my business is exponential. In a time when most real estate brokers are having a hard time, with Elaine's help, I sold 125 properties in 2008 and I anticipate doing twice as much this year."

Caslyn Huck
Never Settle Realty

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU Elaine! You are amazing! As for my restaurant (after your Feng Shui work)...well let me just say, if anyone would like to see my P&L's now compared to last year in this 'down economy', I welcome it. My sales have doubled. I'm serious!! And just by having you guide me in making some minor changes in my home, my family and I feel happier, healthier and I love coming home and truly feeling."ahhh,I love it here!" Thank you for your blessings and guidance. You and your services are cherished gifts."

Rosie DiPrima
Chef and Owner
Xa Kitchens

"I recently called Elaine for a "check up" after my marriage ended. I worked with her before and saw significant improvements on a Feng Shui nightmare of the house I bought. Elaine quickly tuned in to give special attention to my new endeavor as an author and speaker and noted my income from my sales job was flat lined. I felt the energy in my home shift immediately with her visit. Elaine gave me recommendations on how to increase the flow of energy to my career, fame and wealth. Within TWO weeks I had a list of 15
incredible things that had happened. Book orders, new distribution offers, speaking opportunities and more sales to increase my income followed. Helpful people and connections started appearing from everywhere! Elaine will help you manifest your dreams and create peace and balance in your life. She has such a gift in Feng Shui and she is such a wonderful soul to bring into your home. She will improve your relationships, career, income, health....anything you desire. Thanks again, Elaine, for the big bang of change"!!

Lori Hanson
Author, "It started with Pop Tarts...
An Alternative to Winning the Battle of Bulimia
Valencia, California

"Elaine has used her incredible Feng Shui skills in my homes and offices for over six years. After her initial visit, my income tripled in three months! My stress level decreased dramatically, and clients and staff all are more relaxed. My personal life has also seen some major positive changes. She is a highly talented woman and I won’t make a move without her advice!"

Robert Radcliffe
Sotheby's International Realty
Brentwood, California

"Over the last five years, I have worked with Elaine on my two restaurants and two homes. She brings a strong, studied, seasoned experience and a tasteful sense of décor and design to her practice of Feng Shui. In my estimation, she is a high priestess of Feng Shui and you won’t regret this investment in your life."

Ann Gentry
Founder/owner Real Food Daily Restaurants
Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA

"I started a home based business last year and I was concerned about how I was going to do this. I met Elaine and heard about the power of Feng Shui and decided to give it a try. My home was a Feng Shui nightmare! She told me what to fix and how to do it. I could not have predicted the changes that have occurred in my life this last year. I have experienced a better relationship with my husband and children, better health, a calm and happy household, and the biggest change has been an overwhelming boom in my business AND my husband’s business as well. Elaine brings a knowledge and talent that proves to me that this is her GIFT!"

Cindy Scheer
Ideal Health
Santa Clarita, CA

"Meeting Elaine has changed our lives! When you first meet Elaine you know she has your best interests at heart. She has this undeniable energy!. We had quite a few issues we sought her help in, ranging from health to legal matters. It was very easy to trust her judgment and wisdom in the suggestions she made for our home. The beauty of Elaine’s work is the subtle differences you will feel. You don’t even realize the layers of help you have been given until you sit back and realize how much better you feel and how much smoother your life is running. My strength has returned to levels I had not felt in over 5 years and our legal matters were not only resolved, but with a sense of fairness to all. There are not enough words to explain all the wonderful things that have un-folded in our lives after our Feng Shui consultation. We are currently undergoing some re-modeling and our very first call was to Elaine to be sure our plans met with her insight and vision for our best result. We are truly blessed to have her guidance and wisdom."

Susie Short
Hayden, Idaho

"I manage employee relocations for my company and one employee’s home was on the market for over six months without a single offer. Elaine had done a personal feng shui consultation for me on my home, and I was quite impressed and very happy with the experience and the results, so I decided to have her conduct a real estate feng shui consultation for this employee’s home. The realtor and I met Elaine at the employee’s vacated home, where Elaine recommended a few simple and very low cost Feng Shui ‘remedies’ that the realtor took care of implementing. Within two weeks of Elaine’s consultation, we received two offers on the home and it sold! I highly recommend Elaine for anyone who is trying to sell their home. I have had two successful feng shui experiences with Elaine
– she is simply the best!"

Stacey Titter
Denver, Colorado

"Working with Elaine Giftos Wright was a personally rewarding experience. Elaine’s warmth is only exceeded by her breadth of knowledge. A consummate professional, she also has the capacity to make feng Shui understandable and accessible. Elaine comes to her work with genuine interest, enthusiasm and compassion. It was truly a joy to work with her and to experience the wonderful positive changes after her visit!"

Dr. Sherry Hoffman
Encino, California

"Elaine is more than amazing! I am inspired by who she is and the passion for what she does. I have had the honor of Elaine Giftos Wright coming to my home for a Feng Shui consultation. When I first made the appointment, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. I was impressed with Elaine’s knowledge and professionalism. After spending quite some time with me, she then walked the entire house inside and out making suggestions. She then incorporated each family member’s personality into her advice. After making the simple changes that she suggested, we found our home to be even more harmonious than before. Living in a home with 4 women (myself and 3 daughters) my husband at times, would find himself out of sync with the girls. This no longer happens. Our home is now truly, our sanctuary. I would recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to improve any and every aspect of their life"

Dr. Marcy James
Valencia, CA

"Elaine is great! I can’t say it any better than that. The simple changes she asked for have made an immense difference in how I feel in my work environment and at home. She really is the best at what she does and she has helped my husband and myself create environments that really support our daily life.I adore Elaine. She is full of life and a fantastic lady to work with! "

Debra Pelton, President
Pelton Affiliated Holdings, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

"I had no idea what Feng Shui was until my wife suggested that we bring in a consultant to help us with some family and work related issues. Elaine came highly recommended by a patient of mine, so we decided to call her in. We found out that she was located in Los Angeles but travels for her clients. We got in contact with her and learned that she had a New York trip scheduled. We immediately booked some time with her. She was kind enough to include us in her already busy schedule.Working with Elaine was such a pleasure for both of us. She explained everything to us in detail, and spent a lot of time teaching us the principles of Feng Shui along with doing our consultation. We were so pleased with the results and the wonderful positive changes that have occurred in our life, that we now have her booked for my medical office and our country home in upstate New York! "

Robert Whittier MD
New York, N.Y.

"My husband and I were both quite skeptical about having our home feng-shui-ed but after meeting Elaine and feeling her joyous energy and good will flow, we were willing to give it a try. We did not expect such huge and sweeping changes to follow, especially in such a short time. We were blown away by all the amazing things that have happened to us. Our financial situation turned around. Our endless bickering stopped and we are now expecting our first child! I don’t know why it works, only that it does, and Elaine is the best at doing it."

Robert and Krishna
Los Angeles, CA

"Elaine came into my place of business and she immediately knew things were not as good as they should be...I was concerned because there was no way to rearrange the entire store. She assured me that I just needed some "remedies"... as she called it. Well, I did everything she suggested and the results were sooooo obvious! Immediately, prospects were walking through the door, calling and e-mailing. I had over 13 the first week after my Feng Shui was in place and that was more than I'd seen in the past 6 weeks! I would highly recommend her!"

Tami Lindahl, Owner
Club 50 Fitness
Newhall, CA

"Elaine, I want to thank you for the great work that you did on my home. My house was in complete disarray until you came and saved us from ourselves. Such small changes made such big differences. My home is now centered, loving and organized and I thank you for you for taking the time to help us achieve this peace at home. You are truly a miracle worker!"

Caslyn Huck
Never Settle Realty & Investment
Santa Clarita CA


Results vary when using the process of Feng Shui, as each space will adhere differently to the energy work that is performed. The work is not guaranteed to produce all of the results you desire, and patience is sometimes required to see the changes that are hoped for.