Prospective home buyers will have an opinion of the home you are trying to sell in just 15 seconds!! In this market, there’s a large selection of homes to choose from, so how do you tilt the playing field in your favor?

Without that “special something,” homes are staying on the market longer and sellers are being forced to lower their asking prices.

Statistics show that homes that have been professionally staged will sell on an average of nine days, as opposed to 164 days for un-staged homes. Staged homes typically sell for between 8 and 10% over that of un-staged homes. For an average home, that could mean a $10,000 to $50,000 increase, all for under a $2,000.00 investment!

When buyers enter your home, they have an emotional and inner response to it, either positive or negative. No matter how beautiful your home may be or how well it is priced, buyers will not consider purchasing if they don’t connect with the home on an inner level. You would want a buyer to think, “It just feels so good in here!”

Having Feng Shui done on a home you wish to sell makes good sense. If you create harmony and balance in your environment, buyers will respond in a positive way. Buyers will feel good as they walk through your home. They’ll feel like they want to stay there! The combining of Feng Shui with the Staging of your home will place it far above similar homes on the market.
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Ask yourself, how can a home be a place of peace and harmony for ourselves and our families if it is clogged with negative energies? Even if you don’t have to deal with the energies of previous occupants, your home may still be affected by the history of your own past illnesses, arguments, sadness and conflict. We all create a certain amount of psychic sludge on a daily basis, which leaves a residue in our homes. Space Clearing clears out these areas of stuck energy that hinders our vibrancy and progress in life.

Space clearing services are available and recommended for the following situations:

  • When moving into a new home.
  • At the start of a new job or project.
  • After an illness or death in the family.
  • When having additions or changes to already existing construction.
  • After having a new baby.
  • Starting a new relationship
  • Ending a relationship.
  • When children leave home...And after any other major life change that might occur in your life.

“If you want your life to be more meaningful and purposeful than the general level it is being lived today by so many people, purifying your atmosphere will be of great benefit.”

- Karen Kingston author of “Space Clearing”


Clutter can be anything you no longer use, need or love!
Clutter accumulates little by little until it’s overwhelming. Clutter weighs you down physically and emotionally and inhibits your general well being.

In Feng Shui terms, letting go of what no longer serves you has to occur before more abundance can come into your life. Releasing clutter is tantamount to freeing yourself from old life patterns that prevent you from moving on in life. Your life will become clearer, and you will feel an increase of energy when you have de-cluttered your space.

Clutter Clearing Consultations can be combined with either Feng Shui or Space Clearing sessions, or booked individually. I’ll help start you on the “road to recovery” in de-cluttering, so it becomes more of a pleasure and less a struggle to accomplish.

Remember, clutter represents stagnation in your life! Today is a good day to start clearing your life!

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