• A comprehensive analysis of your interior and exterior environment.
  • Floor plan evaluation.
  • Room by room analysis.
  • Personalized Feng Shui charts (and in depth discussion), including your unique elements, to establish correct solutions to benefit you in attaining your personal goals.
  • Instructions on how to enhance and balance each area’s energies to support and nourish your family
  • Suggestions on the best interior layout of your rooms, including furniture placement, color selections, and best positions for your bed, desk, etc. to reflect your taste in décor.
  • Landscaping suggestions to enhance the Feng Shui of your property.
  • Suggestions on the placement of wall art.
  • Recommendations on how to help you draw in more wealth, better health, career success, marriage and relationship satisfaction, and a more unified and harmonious family life.

After our initial phone conversation, and before a consultation is scheduled, I will fax you a simple questionnaire to fill out. This paperwork is completely confidential and gives me the opportunity to learn more about you. I also want to establish what your needs might be and how I can best serve you.

You will be asked to draw a very simple outline of your floor plan. This is very important as it gives me information needed for a preliminary diagnosis. I will also require the birthday (month, day, year) of each person who lives in the home. (Needed for charts that I will prepare for you).

After I have studied your paperwork, I will call you and we can discuss my findings. I’ll give you my evaluation on the areas of your home that I feel need improvement and also, the areas that can be enhanced for maximum support. If you choose to go forward, I will quote you a fee (based on square footage) and we’ll schedule an appointment for me to visit to your home for the in depth on site consultation. .

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Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. Please remember that Feng Shui is not guaranteed to produce all the results you desire as success will vary on an individual basis. Since Feng Shui will never produce negative results, patience is often required to see the positive changes that are hoped for. We disclaim any liability or damages in connection with the use of the products, information, or services provided.