You may wonder why some businesses fail in spite of enormous effort on the part of many, while others prosper in spite of very little advantage. It’s really not a mystery. Many problems of unprofitable businesses are caused by energy imbalances in the workplace. Stress, tension and low energy are common occurrences in such a situations. Having proper Feng Shui in your workplace brings a sense of harmony and improves work performance, employee morale, relationships, and profitability.


  • A thorough analysis of your workplace, including charts for each employee.
  • Floor plan assessment.
  • Suggestions on how to set up your office space for ultimate success, productivity and comfort (Including desk position, furniture placement, color selection, etc.)
  • Where to position the CEO’s office.
  • Proper placement of employee’s desks for optimal energy and work performance.
  • Suggestions for reception area to enhance, arrange, harmonize, balance and support the energy in this all important entry area.
  • Organization and clutter clearing advice.
  • Create a physically balanced working environment that supports the growth of your business and a successful business future.

    If you are running a small business from your home office, or you bring work home from your outside office, it is extremely important to balance the energies of this room for optimum support. Feng Shui can balance the energy of a 28,000 sq ft. law office, or a 200 sq. ft. home office. The size is not the issue, but the process and the benefits are the same.


    I don’t place hourly restrictions on my on site consultations, so you will feel relaxed and never rushed to keep to a time limit. You will find that my consultations are very thorough, educational and enjoyable and usually will take from two to three hours to complete, depending on the size of the space. After we complete the session, I will be available for any additional phone consults or assistance as needed. My goal is to ensure that your Feng Shui experience is achieved with the utmost of success!

Business Consultations: Please note that consultations are charged based on square footage with a base rate of $360.00. Please contact me directly for proper pricing. -Blessings, Elaine
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Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. Please remember that Feng Shui is not guaranteed to produce all the results you desire as success will vary on an individual basis. Since Feng Shui will never produce negative results, patience is often required to see the positive changes that are hoped for. We disclaim any liability or damages in connection with the use of the products, information, or services provided.