The Black Hat School of Feng Shui

CaligraphyThere are different schools of Feng Shui and sometimes you can become dizzy with what seems like conflicting information. All methods of Feng Shui are valuable, but some teachings are more powerful and user friendly than others.

You might hear such names as The Traditional School of Feng Shui, The Compass School, Form School, Pyramid School, Flying Star School, The Five Element Theory and The Black Hat School of Feng Shui. I will focus on the teachings of The Black Hat School because I believe them to be of exceptional value and easy to implement.

The Black Hat School of Feng Shui was brought to this country in 1986 and taught by Grand Master Professor Thomas Lin Yun of Berkeley, California. This school is often referred to as Western Feng Shui, and seems to be the most popular here in the United States.

Other valuable methods such as The Traditional School of Feng Shui and the Compass School are based on directions and primarily, if the front door is facing the "correct" direction.

The teachings of The Black Hat School uses your front door, no matter where it is,
as a pivotal point of reference. By using an energy graph called a Ba Gua, your space is diagnosed according to where different life values are located, depending on where the front door dictates. This method of Feng Shui is not only effective, but very user friendly.

By using very simple and inexpensive cures or “remedies” great changes can be made to nourish the flow of positive energy without asking the client to re-arrange her/his home to any great degree.

The Black Hat School of Feng Shui is embedded in the enduring Chinese traditions and retains the essence of traditional Feng Shui and the basic principles of geomancy.

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