BaGua WheelBlack Hat Feng Shui has at its core the concept of the BaGua. The BaGua is an ancient Chinese energy map in the shape of an eight sided diagram - an octagon composed of eight trigrams with the Yin-Yang symbol in the middle. It is based on the oldest book in the world, a gift from early Chinese civilization called the "I Ching". Each side of the BaGua represents different aspects of life, which are: Wealth, Career, Fame, Family, Children, Helpful People, Knowledge, and Marriage. The Tai Chi, the center of the BaGua, joins all the areas together in harmony, and in general, represents Health. For Feng Shui, the BaGua is overlaid on an entire house, building, property, or on an individual room, desk or bed. This identifies which areas need to be energetically "adjusted" with simple cures or solutions.

Simple, low-cost adjustments to the energy of an environment are made by repositioning furniture and accessories, or using color, shapes and the Five Elements. In Chinese culture, these important elements are: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. Each of these are represented in a different "Gua" or trigram section of the BaGua, with specific attributes, such as color and direction. By adjusting the elements, many different areas are simultaneously changed and corresponding improvements occur in related areas of our lives. Many solutions or cures are interchangeable to fit personal needs and tastes, as long as Feng Shui elemental balance is maintained.

Using the diagnostic power of the BaGua, Feng Shui is an excellent, time-proven method for dealing with Life's many issues. When used with traditional methods to improve one's well-being (such as higher education, counseling, or prayer) Feng Shui brings harmony, balance and happiness to the whole of Life.



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