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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui


Feng Shui can be implemented throughout your entire home and business spaces. One of the most important areas that a Feng Shui consultant might look at is the front of your home, and the front entry into your home. The front of your home is considered the "mouth of chi" or where the good healthy (chi) or energy would be drawn into your space. Any clutter in and around this space would prevent the free flow of energy to enter and therefore,nourish your home.

Another important area is the bedroom. A bed should always be in the commanding position of the room for optimum health and well being. What this means is that you should have a clear view of the door without turning your head and without having the foot of the bed face the door. A bed should have a solid headboard and not have a footboard that is higher than the mattress. Mirrors should never be at the foot of the bed. Sleeping under either a vertical or horizontal beam is not recommended.

Your kitchen and especially the positioning of your stove is very important. It is considered negative Feng Shui if your back is facing either the door of your kitchen or the front door of your home. Your stove should be placed so you are able to see who is entering the kitchen. If this is not possible, placing a mirror in front of your stove would allow you to see behind you correct Some of the problem.

Take care to keep your child's headboard against a strong wall and the bed should not be under a window. There should also be a clear space under the bed and not cluttered with storage, Bunk beds for children are not recommended.

The southeast corner of your house is your Wealth area. Adding flowing water in this area can stimulate wealth. It is best not to store your BBQ in this area.

The southwest area of your home is the area that stimulates good relationships.
Adding photos of your wedding, and other happy times when you are with your spouse can create good healthy relationship energy!