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Feng Shui Colors

Every human being is affected by colors. Every color evokes a different emotion in the mind of the beholder.
A red rose or a white lily will evoke different feelings altogether. When you use Feng Shut in your home, much attention is paid to the colors chosen.

We see different colors because of their reflective properties. Feng Shui uses colors to reflect energy and create harmony.

Light blue. white. purple, green, all are yin colors (female) which will give a feeling of passive energy. These colors are dreamy in quality. Too much of these qualities can throw you out of balance. Adding yang (masculine) vibrant colors can balance the yin and yang of the space and add energy where needed. Having rooms with all neutral colors is not recommended. A room that lacks vitality (no color) is a room that lacks energy.

Blue is associated with yin energy and is calm, soothing, and peaceful. Feng Shui associates it with exploration. Navy blue represents wisdom and intellect.

Black is associated with income and money, career, power and emotional protection.

Purple, according to Feng Shui principles is for physical healing and spiritual awareness. Placed in the SW area of your home, it can also power up your Wealth chi.

White represents a balance, purity and confidence. It helps generate calm when it is used in combination with silver or gold. It is often used with the element of Metal for protection of children.

The colors representing fire (red) and wood (green' are powerful colors. These colors will give you positive energy needed for motivation.

Rich greens and vibrant reds are also great for revving up needed energy, when you feel tired or depressed ..
Yellow stands for warmth, sunbeams, cheer, motion, friendliness etc. But too much yellow can cause anxiety.

Yellow, orange and gold are earth colors and they are often used in the center of the home for good health energy.