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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui

Feng Shui Products

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of enhancing every sphere of human life. It can assist you if You are having a difficult time in your career, or with your finances, or even in your love life! It works through various techniques and tools. These products and tools are remedies to adjust the flow of energy from either flowing too fast. or from being stuck or stagnant.

You can even focus on an issue in your life that needs help and then use a certain remedy and intention to create "chi" or energy in the area that resonates with that issue. (The use of the BaGua, a Feng Shui diagnostic tool would be needed here). Feng Shui is not magic or religion, but it is known that various symbols placed correctly in a space may help you to enhance the flow of energy to those areas. So gift them. buy them, keep them and ensure the flow of positive energies around you.

Many Feng Shui products hove symbolic meanings. For example, ancient coins mean a union of earth and heaven. You can wear them on your person or just scatter them around your work place or living space. A three legged toad will help draw in money if placed facing you on your desk. The dragon, the phoenix, and the goldfish are all symbols of prosperity, money and goodwill. Place crystals in a room, or hanging from the ceiling to signify jewels and thus adjust the energy around you. A Money Tree is said to call for money from the universe. A Laughing Buddha, the famous symbol of wealth and prosperity is highly popular.

Feng Shui is also helpful in having a happy marriage. Mandarin ducks. or a pair of geese signify companionship and lasting love. Peony means youth, beauty, romance and an Upcoming marriage. Lute signifies harmony in a relationship. Fang Shui lanterns are for joy. Red lanterns me for bridal beds. Rose or pink colored Crystals help In partnership area.

There are symbols in Feng Shui that may also promote health and longevity. You can place a marble crane sculpture in your garden. A pine tree signifies permanence and a peach tree reflects protection. Bamboo is for durability, adaptability, flexibility and unbreakable spirit. A tortoise is for a long life of a home, wealth, protection and support. Jade Cicada in Feng Shui is a symbol of happiness and mortality.

Feng Shui mirrors and crystals adjust blocked energy. Feng Shui Wind chimes are hung in different areas of a space to create energy in areas that may be stagnant. You can use candles in some specific colors to spark up a situation. You can use essential fragrant oils to introduce aromatherapy to a room. Scents used in aromatherapy can relax or energize.

If you are taking care of your health, having regular check-ups and generally trying to live a good life, Feng Shui can be an added asset to a life well lived!