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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui

How Do You Determine the Appropriate Feng Shui for an Office?

There are various aspects in the workplace that have different energetic and spiritual repercussions. Feng Shui that is applied to an office space can enhance the working conditions of the occupants. It may help to draw in continuous business success and even raise the revenue of the business. At the very least, your workspace will be more in balance and a feeling of harmony between you and your co-workers usually follows. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

  • Clutter removal: The office ought to be arranged and organized efficiently. Based on Feng Shui, clutter stimulates an energy that is negative which must be minimized. All things that are extraneous must be removed. Clearing physical clutter frees the mental as well as the emotional burden that a person may carry. Clearing clutter often manifests in a lighter happier mood among the workers, giving them a more cheerful and optimistic attitude.
  • Desk positioning: The desk ought to be placed in a position that is considered ‘commanding.’ A desk position that is commanding means a power position, and business success will be more forthcoming. This “power position” is a place where a person can have a direct view of the door without being directly in front of it. A desk that is positioned in the back meridian of the room with a clear view of the door is optimal.
  • Desk shape: The desk shape also affects the mood as well as productivity level of whoever sits at the desk. Curves and soft edges of a desk encourages creativity. Desks which are shaped like a kidney are designed in the form of human body and this gives an individual the subliminal feeling of internal alignment.
  • Placement of plants: The use of plants in an office space allows individuals to remain in connection with the world of nature. The color green spurs creativity as well as new ideas. Plants increase the flow of chi, or energy. In addition, green plants act as filtering system that reduces toxins as well as circulating the air that often becomes stagnant.
  • Selecting the correct lighting: The finest light in the office is natural daylight. Place your desk near the window but not in line with a glare. Fluorescent lights can cause exhaustion and eyestrain. Replace them with full spectrum lighting and warm desk lights.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!