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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui

Whether one decides to work from home or in a more formal corporate setting, it is advisable to have Feng Shui "corrections" to enable the occupant to achieve optimal mental and physical capacity and increase energy. The energy in a room can be regulated and directed in the most appropriate directions thus allowing the occupants to have an optimal work experience. A work space that has had Feng Shui adjustments can increase the business success and prosperity of the occupant.

The first tip is to ensure that all clutter in the office is promptly done away with. Feng Shui describes clutter as a factor that stimulates negative energy or chi. For this reason it should be kept at a minimum. By reducing the clutter, one will be able to free up mental space while keeping people invigorated when working.

The working desk should be positioned in a commanding position. This means that is can be considered as
 the seat of power and thus has to be placed in a strategic position with view of the door. The desk's position
should offer one the greatest possible control. The shape of the desk is also able to have an impact on the productivity within a working environment. The more curves a desk has, the higher the likelihood of generating creative ideas while working on it. It could also affect a person's mood, for instance a desk that is shaped in the form of a kidney normally gives inner alignment to a person.

Plants give a natural feel to any indoor space and keeps humans in touch with nature. Along with this, the green pigment in plans gives off energy that spurs new ideas and creativity. The plants further act as a form of filtration that reduces the amount of toxins that may be present in a room. Feng Shui dictates that the most adequate kind of illumination is natural light. This means that the main desk in any office should be close to a window, however not directly ahead of the window because the direct glare could have an irritating effect on the eyes. In case an office has bright fluorescent lights it would be advisable to replace them with warm colored anti-glare lights.

The right Feng Shui colors need to be used in an office in order to come up with a balance of energy. There are certain properties of colors that can help in giving a feeling of security, comfort and being grounded. Reds, Blues and purples are usually used for the enhancement of prosperity and wealth in an office area. Other accessories such as flowing curtains, rounded vases and candles can help increase the "yin" energy inside the office.

In general, the environment a person works in will determine their productivity. Utilizing the principles of Feng Shui can assist in productivity and efficiency.

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