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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui

Feng Shui (Black Hat)

Feng shui translated means wind and water. Feng shui is often called 'The Art of Placement." Feng shui is considered to be based on science and when it is used correctly, it can create more balance and harmony in your life. What feng shui is not, is religion or superstition. Black Hat Feng Shui is a school of feng shui brought to this country in the early eighties by Grand Master Professor Thomas Lin Yun. It is also called The Western School of Feng Shui, as it is very user friendly for westerners.

Black Hat Feng Shui can be used regardless of what religion or belief one holds, as FS is not based in religion.. The key to attaining the desired results and goals in this form of feng shui is through intention and visualization. According to this technique, intention is everything. Intention can also be related to the law of physics. Energy flows to what you focus on. Using simple, low cost feng shui 'remedies' and then focusing your intention and visualization can often bring about amazing results!

In Black Hat Feng Shui, an energy graph (or tool) called a BaGua is used by your Feng Shui consultant to diagnose and evaluate your space for energy imbalances. This bagua or map is octagon in shape and is divided into nine different sections. Each area or section represents one of the nine major areas of life. In this way, he/she can discover what is potentially keeping you 'stuck' in a situation due to various areas in your home or office space that may be missing or somewhat stagnant.

The correction that may be suggested will be a simple remedy to help move the flow of energy to create more balance and harmony in your environment. After a thorough feng shui examination and the utililization of the various feng shui suggestions, you may find that you will be drawing more prosperity into your life. Your energy and health may get a boost, and your relationships may improve.