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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui


Feng Shui is the art of managing energy to create harmony. To create more harmony in your life, it would be helpful to become familiar with the five elements, and how these elements can affect your own life. By doing a brief astrological chart, a feng shui practitioner can locate your element based on your birth date, time and place.

These five elements work together in such a way that one element cannot do without the other because they are correlated or linked to each other. The elements are linked for the purpose of maintaining the 'chi' or energy balance. There is order in how these five elements continuously cycle to create balance as shown below. The following is the constructive cycle of all the five elements. You will see how they complement each other.

  • Water for nourishing plant life
  • Wood is produced from water
  • Fire which feeds on wood and produces ash
  • Earth where ash turns to earth and produces metal
  • Metal which draws water and the cycle starts over

These five elements all have a direct relationship to each and every living human being.

The five elements are not always considered to provide positive energy. By understanding how one element is affected by the other, you can develop the information needed to create a sense of balance and harmony in your own life.

According to the productive cycle, the fire element produces the earth, which then produces the metal element, which produces water element, which produces wood element and in turn produces the fire element and so on.

According to the destructive cycle, wood destroys earth, which in turn destroys water, which puts out fire, which in turn melts metal, which then destroys wood.

It would be good for you to understand these cycles. This will allow you to enhance the areas of your space using the elements that can improve the energy in those specific areas. It is also advisable to know the element in which you are personally represented (according to your birth chart) to avoid overuse of this element as it would produce no personal benefit. An example would be, if you are considered to be represented by FIRE, then it would be advisable to limit the use of water, like fountains, ponds, or the colors of black and blue as they would not be beneficial.

In this case, if you are a FIRE person you might include more woody stuff in the home as wood produces fire. If there are many people living in the same household, then in this case you would consider the 'head of the household' (the main income provider) as the individual to use in diagnosing the home and the elements to avoid. When it comes to your individual room, then you would use your own birth date to find your personal element.

Feng shui elements will help you to understand the influences that affect your life. It is therefore important to learn as much as you can regarding your birth elements for the purpose of balancing and harmonizing your environment.