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How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui


Feng shui aquariums are very beautiful and if used correctly, can be a strong "remedy" to attract wealth and prosperity. Feng shui aquariums are very positive since they can unite several wealth attracting elements within the aquarium itself.

For instance:

  • Water element found in the aquarium
  • Metal element found in the aquarium structure
  • Fire element in the form of lighting in the aquarium and the red, yellow and orange colors of gold fish
  • Earth element which is represented in the form of the rocks or gravel at the bottom of the aquarium
  • Wood element in the form of plants found in the aquarium

The most effective area to place an aquarium would be near your front entrance. An aquarium in this position would draw positive chi (energy) through your front door and into your home or business. Another good place for a feng shui aquarium would be in the WEALTH area of your space, located in the SE area of your home or office (as long as that area is not a kitchen or bedroom). Never place an aquarium in a kitchen or bedroom!

As with several feng shui cure factors, the aquarium should also be beautiful, attractive, fresh and clean at all times. The fish have to be happy and well fed, and plants should be vibrant green with a good lighting system and the whole system should be well oxygenated.